As you already know, for privacy reasons (yours and mine) OnlyFans Collector can only be purchased using Crypto. Not everyone is used to crypto, so here’s a quick guide on how to pay crypto using credit card really fast and without registering or verifying your identity on any exchange.

The whole process consists of: 1) set up a mobile wallet to store your funds, 2) Buy crypto with credit/debit card and store it in your mobile wallet and 3) use your mobile wallet to pay for OF collector.

You can purchase OF Collector using any of 3 different coins: BTC, BCH or LTC. So far the one I find easiest to buy and pay with is Litecoin (LTC). Details below:

1.- Download and install Atomic wallet for your iOS / Android phone or Windows pc. This is a mobile wallet where you will store the LTC you purchase and also what you’ll use to pay for OF Collector, it’s like a paypal for crypto ;). Here’s a 3 minute video on how generate a new wallet and store the pass phrases in case you lose your phone. The video is for windows app, but i’ts exactly the same for iOS or Android phones.

2.- Once you setup Atomic wallet on your phone or pc, scroll down the list of coins until you find LTC, click on it and the hit the receive button. The app will display the address you have to give when you purchase LTC:

3.- Now that you have a place to store the LTC, you need to purchase some. Go to, enter the amount of LTC expressed in USD (the minimum is $20 usd) you want to purchase and then enter the LTC address you copied in step 2:

4.- Follow the site’s instructions, it wil ask you for an email, billing address and debit/credit card info. Once you’ve completed these steps, it will display an order ID and the step by step process until it’s finished. In my case it took about 12 minutes to complete:

5.- Now that the funds are in your mobile wallet, go to the payment site for OF Collector and select Litecoin as payment method. It will display the amount and the LTC address where you have to send the funds to, copy that address and send the funds using your mobile wallet:

And that’s it! in a few minutes the transaction will get confirmed and you should receive the download link and license information for OF Collector.

As always, if you have any doubts, you can send me a DM in reddit and I’ll be more than happy to help.