This feature allows you to select a creator from a list of your subscriptions and search for multimedia content in any given time range. You can then perform an individual or mass download…

In order to access this module, you must open the extension popup and select it:


Once you click on it, you’ll see a list of the creators you’re currently subscribed to:

As you can see, some useful information and options are displayed. For example, you could sort the list descending by subscription end date and the ones that expire sooner will appear first in the list. This will allow you to easily prioritize download from those accounts, before they expire and you no longer have access to their content.

There is also a search box where you can type part of the name or username of the creator you want to download from. This is useful when you are subscribed to a lot of people and you want to find someone quickly.

Click on any creator to access their profile and start searching for content. Let’s say we click on Vii’s profile:

The creator profile displays: Creator’s name, username, extract from their bio, date they joined OnlyFans, number of pictures, videos and audio, as well as the date when you subscription to that creator ends.

After the creator’s info, you find the search options, which include:

  • Source: Indicate wether you want to search multimedia from posts, archived posts, chats or stories.
  • Date range: Start and end date for which you want to search multimedia from this creator. You also have some presets: 1 day, 7, days, 1 months and all time (since the creator joined OnlyFans until today).

Once you fill the search options and hit the search button, the extension gets to work and retrieve the creator’s multimedia accordingly:

We’ve added numbers to each component to explain better:

  1. Checkbox to select/unselect all multimedia
  2. Download selected multimedia: You can select one or more multimedia and once you hit this button, they’ll all start downloading
  3. Copy the selected multimedia’s links to the clipboard
  4. Sort ascending by post date
  5. Sort descending by post date
  6. Filter by media type: You can choose if you only want to see the pictures, videos, audio or all (default option)
  7. Content found: Number of pictures, videos and audio found on your search
  8. Single download: Download the photo, video or audio being displayed where you clicked the button
  9. Single copy to clipboard: Analogous to option 8, but copy to clipboard insted of download
  10. Media length or dimensions: In the case of pictures displays it’s dimensions. In the case of audio or video, the length is displayed.
  11. Post id
  12. Creator’s name and username
  13. Toggle post content: Display or hide the post’s text if it has any